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Michigan Jobs Daughters Jobs Daughters International

Michigan Jobs Daughters Mission:

To empower and enable the individuals within the Bethels by providing leadership, training, and resources to support the growth of our Order.

Current Information for Bethels

Scholarships for Job's Daughters (Including Michigan Job's Daughter) Michigan Constitution and By-Laws - Formatted 8 1/2" x 11" pages (C-GGC 2 is a new page) Change pages for Michigan Constitution and By-Laws (2010) Change pages for Michigan Constitution and By-Laws (2011) Change pages for Michigan Constitution and By-Laws (2012) Michigan Book of Ceremonies Michigan Awards Complete JDI Consitution and By-Laws- Formatted 8 1/2" x 11" pages Updated Bethel Health form All Jobs Daughter Bethel Forms Michigan Mapley and Travel Award Forms

Grand Guardian Council Fund Raiser - Scrips Program 

The scrips program allows us to purchase from various stores and earn a percentage of the sale.  Many of the stores are stores you shop in every day. For example, you may purchase gift cards for your gas ahead of time and a percentage of every sale will benefit the Michigan Job’s Daughters.  This will allow the GGC of Michigan to have a little steady income each month.  As we grow our usage, we will grow our income. You may e-mail at Darline Goeman.  Payment will need to be received by the date below to guarantee delivery at the corresponding event.  We need to hand deliver the cards, since we cannot guarantee their delivery via mail.  So if you won’t be at an event, please make arrangements for someone to pick up your gift cards.  We will ask for a signature upon pick up for tracking purpose. If you have worked with this program before and know of another store you would like to purchase from, please ask. Click here for scrips form 
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